Let’s face it; vouchers are boring. But vouchers also serve a valuable function; they help get customers to try new products. But when South African fast food restaurants only see around a 20-25% redemption rate on their vouchers, it’s obvious vouchers aren’t doing their job properly.

That’s because people treat vouchers the way kids treat pocket money; unless they work for it, they don’t really value it.

So we did something a little different when KFC wanted a vouchering program for its new Fill Ups Meals. We made people work for the vouchers.

To do this, we had to build a very specialized website. One with a button that activated every 15 minutes. Everyone sees the same button. And, as importantly, everyone on the site saw the same countdown clock. If you’re the first person to push it then you win a voucher. But if you wait a little bit then the value of the voucher rises and then rises some more.

So users have to decide when they want to push the Button. Wait longer and get a bigger prize or wait too long and lose everything. Even with no banners pushing to it, the site proved to be phenomenally successful.


People stayed up all hours of the evening to push the Button.
But the really interesting result was that the voucher redemption rate jumped to 76%, almost 4 times the industry average.


The industry standard
redemption rate