We needed to create awareness around the KFC famous bowls. Following radio and television we needed to focus on the extra chilly winter months.

Only problem is that winters in South Africa don’t necessarily mean cold weather. It usually means; cold weather, very cold weather, I’m slightly uncomfortable weather, rain and sunshine. Basically all the weathers.

Luckily digital isn’t radio or television and we can detect precisely where our customers lived and how cold they were. We know so much we could almost detect their jacket’s thread count. Almost.

To achieve this, we ran programmatic display through Xaxis that dynamically changed depending on the weather in real time. Users could see different copy on the programmatic banners, depending on what the temperature was in their location.


People were so impressed with us knowing how cold they were exactly, it resulted in us achieving 2.5 times the click through rate of our campaign target.


The industry standard CTR