he KFC Burrito introduced the vibrant tastes and culture of Mexico to South Africa. For our social campaign, we wanted to introduce the KFC Burrito to people, individually. But how do make people feel like they got a personalized message when you only have the budget to shoot 3 videos? Fortunately, we knew one thing: Almost no one in South Africa speaks Spanish. Like maybe 4 people.

So we shot our videos in Spanish and then just changed the subtitles for every video.

Our social media team trawled through Twitter everyday to find South Africans talking about food, flavour, Mexico and any number of other related topics. We would’ve searched for Spanish terms but we didn’t want run into one of the 4 Spanish-speaking South Africans. By working closely with our client, we were able to create video responses to those tweets with in a few hours.


The response was amazing. Not only did the recipients love their videos, other people loved them too. When KFC started the campaign, we already were the Number 1 Fast Food brand on social media. During the campaign however, we blew away our existing benchmarks We had over 30 times the usual engagement and 25 times our normal consumer impressions, all gained organically. We far outstripped any previous campaign we’d ever done. Not bad when you’re already Number 1.

It just goes to show, people love it when you talk to them individually. Even if you’re not speaking the same language.


The industry standard engagement


The industry standard organic impressions