The Challenge

Earlier this year – we were asked to help KFC increase the relevance of its offering and drive an exciting in-store experience creating brand love, word of mouth and return visits in the urban youth market.

The Solution

We knew from research that this core target audience is heavily interested in music – so we decided to create a new one-of-a-kind music platform.
We also knew that there are many local artists still battling to get signed by music labels.
So we looked to see how we could publish their music right in front of the our music loving audience while they ate at our restaurants.
Thus the 'KFC Sound Bite' was born – and the creation of digital audio tables inside our stores.
Turning an ordinary eating experience into an immersive digital sound experience to support and amplify local up and coming artists.

The Technology

We used bespoke Digital Ink as apposed to normal digital screens allowing for greater durability on a surface where customers ate and often spilt their orders. This technology also allowed for fast national rollout due to the lower cost.
The tables boasted illustrations by local artists to create branded digital touch tables where customers could touch table graphics to play tracks, and initiate further distribution of their music through social sharing.
They could listen by placing their elbows on the tables surface, giving them an immersive musical experience without disturbing anyone else in store.
Our technology transmitted sound waves through their arms to their ears using innovative 'bone technology’.

The Results

More than 50 franchisees have requested their own tables and KFC China want to roll the table out in their youth-focused stores.
An innovation that not only engages and excites our target audience, while eating, the tables have initiated a digitally-led in-store music platform that will soon connect hundreds of local unsigned musicians to millions of music hungry consumers.

The Execution

The following interactive tables have been introduced into KFC stores in order to uplift the in-store experience for the brands younger customers.
Music is at the heart of this audience segment and the innovative tables help promote locally relevant music into their lives alongside the food they love.