The Challenge

KFC’s new ShakinShakin meal has a novel USP; it was made to be shaken.
And KFC wanted to sell it to an audience that appreciated novelty: the notoriously fickle youth.

The Solution

We built an interactive mobile video for KFC Shakin Shakin where the more you shake your phone, the more flavor you add to the video.
The thing with the youth is that they watch a lot of video on their mobiles.
And no one ever takes advantage of this.
That’s why we made an interactive video where the more consumers shake it,
the more flavor gets added. Just like the product itself.

The easy part was hacking the phone’s accelerometer.

The hard part was convincingly shaking a whole scene.
To do this we had to build a special stage that we could drop over and over.
Additionally, we had to use a combination of dummies and those kung fu wires
to give the illusion of people being shaken around.

The Results

People loved it.
They shook their phones over and over to watch people fly around
like ragdolls and see things get progressively crazier and crazier.

We had over 1.2 million views on the video with more than 5.3 million shakes.
We also moved a ton of vouchers as people became intrigued enough to try the product.

All this proves that while the youth might be fickle,
they still love interactive video that makes them laugh.
Especially if they can watch it on their phones.